Roger Savill Counselling in Wellow, Hampshire


Professional Testimonial

"Roger worked with us as a volunteer for 2 years to offer extra support for our clients who have substance misuse issues.

Roger’s attitude, compassion and empathy for our client group has been evident throughout his work and our clients consistently affirm this.

Many of our clients have suffered trauma and neglect so the provision of person-centred sessions has helped them to talk openly in a space free from judgement. In turn, this has provided an environment that has facilitated our clients growth, self-awareness and self-compassion.

We would highly recommend him.

Roger also helped facilitate group therapy sessions and workshops on addiction where he was very supportive." - Toni, on behalf of ANA Treatment Centres, 2018-2020

Client Testimonial

"Working with Roger has really changed my life. I went to Roger a very broken person with many concerns about how to face the future after a very tough year. I was in a bad place and could see no light I was struggling to function normally everyday. I could not see past a black hole in front of me.

The sessions were in an amazing setting, so peaceful and helped me to relax and talk openly about the issues I was facing. Being on a small farm by the water is amazing at helping to feel at ease while talking.

Rogers's approach to counselling is just what I needed someone to talk to confide in and feel no judgment. I felt I could talk openly and freely and not embarrassed about what I had to say or my personal problems I was going through. Roger listened and gave amazing advice at the end of each session and set some goals and things to look at for the week ahead. His approach to helping sort through what I saw was a tangled mess really helped me to get back on my feet. We looked at each problem in turn, how I could deal with these, and slowly working through the issues allowing me to feel I was making progress and that there was a future that could face.

After my 6 weeks with Roger, I feel like a new man, I am feeling confident, happy, and that life is worth living again. If you are struggling and need an amazing place to talk and a fantastic counsellor that really can make a difference Roger is your man. I have gone from feeling that I no longer wanted to be here to feeling my old happy self and that life can be good again. " - Male Client, 2020

Client Testimonial

"I started counselling sessions with Roger as I was experiencing stress and feeling overwhelmed. He was very friendly and down to earth. I felt very at ease and as if I could talk about anything, without judgement. He was always understanding and empathic. As well as talking through my problems, we also explored my thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

He offered alternative ways of doing this, such as a sand tray. This helped me explore things in a different way, gain an alternative perspective and get in touch with the emotions underlying the stress and where these originated from. As well as exploring my options and solutions. After only 5 sessions I was feeling less stress, more myself and able to look forward to the future." - Female Client, 2021

Client testimonial
"Roger was able to unlock things in my brain that I didn't even know existed. He enabled me to understand my thoughts and feelings and explain where they might be coming from. It's crazy to think how far I've come in my time with Roger and I'm a new person since. If you're willing to work hard it can make a substantial difference in your life. The skills you learn are for life and will always be there if you need them."- Male Client 2021

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